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 Toys, toys and more toys! lol

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PostSubject: Toys, toys and more toys! lol   Sun Sep 27, 2009 7:39 pm

Well I have done some brainstorming and although my little head hurts I came up with what I think are some pretty cute toys! So I thought I would post them on here for all to see!

This one is called the whiffle wonder toy - it is availble in multi-colored

and purple/pink colors very cute for little girl gliders!

They are $6.99 each plus shipping

This is the suggie chandelier - very colorful and makes lots of noise has bells and stuff on it

It is also $6.99 each plus shipping

This is called a cage set toy - and is available in small bell

and large bell

They are availble in almost any color combination you can think of
and are $5.50 each plus shipping

This is a vine toy - available in many colors as well

it is $10 each plus shipping

This one is called the small link and whiffle toy

it is only $5 each plus shipping

Toy shipping price is dependant on how many toys you order - I will get the cheapest shipping rate possible - also any toys purchased along with a cage set or other items from our store valued at $25 or more ships automatically for free along with it (for instance if you buy 5 pouches at $5 each that is $25 worth of product and your order would ship entirely for free - pouches and toys together) I hope that makes sence
here is a link to our website
here is a link to our store on ebay as well

Thanks so much for looking!

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Toys, toys and more toys! lol
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