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 "Sugar Maple" Glider Tree

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PostSubject: "Sugar Maple" Glider Tree   Mon Oct 26, 2009 9:31 pm

This is a wonderful addition to your playroom! Your gliders can climb, run up and down the trunk, and jump from limb to limb ~ just like in the wild!

Each tree is 5' tall and comes complete with six branches; each branch has maple leaves and hanging tabs. You can "decorate" your tree with your baby's favorite foraging toys or pouches (not included). The possibilities are endless! The tree is made with PVC and fleece covers. The fleece is easily removed for washing.

Each branch is fully adjustable. They can be moved up, down, or turned forward, to the sides, or back ~ anyway you want it! It has a wide base for stability. No tools needed to assemble, goes together in minutes. Can be easily taken down for storing until playtime.

$125.00 each + $15.00 parcel post shipping

Don't forget about our Interactive Foraging Toys! Several pre-mades are still available.

Interactive Forager

Interactive Foraging Treat Dish

Interactive Foraging Ball Pit

Please place orders on my webstore here: http://glidernursery.webs.com/apps/webstore/
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"Sugar Maple" Glider Tree
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