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 Sugar Glider Help Database

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PostSubject: Sugar Glider Help Database   Wed Dec 16, 2009 9:11 pm

How to utilize the Sugar Glider Help database:

Add a Link - You do not need to be a member to provide information to be added to the database. Anyone may submit information whether it is for you or another business/individual. Simply click on the “Add a Link” button and complete the information.

If you do not want your personal address or phone number listed for the public, do not include it on the form. This is not required information. The only required information is the Title, URL (or website), and the category (breeder, veterinarian, mill breeder, etc.) Please notice that a URL is already listed; this is a default in the event your submission does not have a website. If your submission does have a website, please delete the default and add your own.

Any glider related entity that fits the provided categories can be added; no link requires pre-approval. Every new entry will be verified for accuracy. Upon verification, it will be added to the database.

Contact – This feature is for you to contact the staff of SGH with any questions or issues regarding a link that is posted. For example, update contact information, removal from a listing, etc.

Review It – Within each link is a “Review It” button. This is where you have the opportunity to put your review regarding the link for others to read. You may list your positive and your negative experiences. Reviews will be screened and verified by SGH staff prior to placing on the database for public viewing. If SGH receives a negative review, we will take every effort to verify the content of the review prior to placing that review on the database. The person placing the negative review may be obligated to provide proof of the situation. If no proof can be provided, the review may not get posted to the database. Once a review has been posted for public viewing, others can indicate whether the review was helpful to them.

Rate It – Within each link is a “Rate It” button. Click on the “Rate It” button and select a number from 1 to 10 from the drop down menu. A rating of 1 is the worst rating and 10 is the best rating. The results of these ratings show under each link. Each will indicate how many votes were received. The values, not quantities of these votes, are represented by the yellow stars. This is a very valuable tool when seeking reputable breeders, vets, etc. Please take the time to rate those you are familiar with. You will only be able to rate an individual link one time.

Report a Bad Link – Use this feature if a website provided is no longer valid. If a website was not provided when the entry was submitted, a default URL will show. If you click on “visit this link” and none was provided, you will receive this message on your screen: “The link you are trying to view does not have a website, please click your back button to check the description for more contact information.” If you see this, please do not report as a bad link. The link does not have a website, but should have other means of contact.

You may also use the “Report Bad Link” feature to notify and/or report a link for individuals/businesses that are known to have bad business ethics. Please provide details to support this complaint.

Who owns Sugar Glider Help? SGH is owned and maintained by both The Glider Initiative and GliderCENTRAL with services contributed by the Round Table. The information is being stored on the GliderCENTRAL servers.

FAQ’s – This information is provided in the FAQ’s.

New information is currently being obtained from the various veterinarians listed in the database. As this information is obtained, the database will be updated. This is a long process, so please be patient as we add more information!
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Sugar Glider Help Database
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