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 Need feedback

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PostSubject: Need feedback   Need feedback I_icon_minitimeTue Dec 01, 2009 2:11 am

Help you guys - I need your opinions about something

I am trying to figure out what glider(s) I should get to pair up with my new leu male Joe - there are a few possibilities I am torn between getting 2 100% leu het greys, 2 100% leu WFBs, or going all out and just getting one 100% leu het mosaic girl - I really like how the white faced blonde gliders look, but am seriously considering the leu het mosaic girl - problem is I cant decide whether to put all my eggs in one basket so to speak and just get one female or it is better to get a pair of twin sisters and have twice as many joeys - argh - I am so horrible at decisions, thus far I have only bred standard greys and have had no problem whatsoever finding homes for them, but Im not sure which gliders would be in higher demand WFB leu hets or Mosaics - I know that Mosaics are more expensive but I am also wondering if they are also harder to find homes for because of that? So especially those of you with experience in breeding - HELP I need your feedback - lol

I have a couple breeders I have in mind that I am checking lineage with currently (one of them is our very own gliderma! - yay - she has 2 WFB 100% leu het sisters she is going to check on for me) but I am so new to this whole breeding for color thing Im not quite sure what to do!?

What do you guys think?

PM me or leave your opinions here

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Need feedback
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