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 Help - aggressive male!

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Help - aggressive male! Empty
PostSubject: Help - aggressive male!   Help - aggressive male! I_icon_minitimeFri Nov 13, 2009 8:50 pm

OK so its not an emergency but I do need help = I have a very aggressive male glider on my hands - the pair of gliders I rescued about a month ago maybe longer - whom I have named Boober - well he has become really aggressive not only twards people but also twards other gliders - I actually had to even take Red out which was really sad cause they had probably been through so much together it totally broke my heart to leave him all alone in the cage so I tried to get a new female to put in with him - her name is Dixie and is pretty fiesty so I thought she would be able to stand up for herself but intros did NOT go well - he started chasing her and grabbed her tail and was showing ALOT of aggression - so I nixed that idea - so for now he is all alone - I have his cage next to the trios cage - Wembly, Red and Dixie's cage, but I know that it is usually best for gliders to have a cagemate. Has anyone ever heard of a glider being so aggressive that he or she has to be housed all alone?

I am at my wit's end - at first I chalked it up to hormones and wanting to mate but I have never seen any of my other 3 males ever be so aggressive twards thier females like he is - Now I know why Red has very little fur on her tail - its due to HIM! he is the culprit. I have broken some ground with him - I am now able to give him treats through the cage bars which to me is a tremendous success considering his backround and temperment. He does kind of snatch it from me - but he doesnt seem to be trying to attack my hand or to be trying to bite it - so I view that as a step in the right direction. I am totally open to any and all suggestions anyone may have as to what to do with Boober - I dont want him to be lonely or unhappy, but I dont want to subject any other gliders to an abusive living situation either - you know? I guess I have heard of other gliders having to be housed alone before, so maybe I am doing the right thing in having him in a cage by himself. Another question I have - do you guys think its a form of torture for him to be so close to other gliders and not be able to actually touch them and snuggle with them and all of that - like do you think its mean of me to have him in the same room as other gliders? I have heard another's opinion of keeping males and female gliders in the same room as being somewhat tortureous to them - you know they can see each other and smell each other but cant mate or touch - does anyone in here agree with that sentiment? I dont quite know what to think about the whole situation. I can see both sides of the arguement - he does show some aggression twards Wembly and Wembly is such a stinker he almost teases Boober - he kind of rubs himself right up against the cage bars like nah nah nah boo boo you cant get me - and like - ha ha I have all the ladies and you are in there all by yourself - or maybe its just my imagination, but thats what it seems like to me anyway. Sigh - Im at a loss - let me know what you all think - I appreciate your opinions!

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Help - aggressive male! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Help - aggressive male!   Help - aggressive male! I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 14, 2009 1:27 am

I'm sorry your having so much trouble April!

I have heard of gliders that just HAVE to be solitary. Not many but few. They just don't want to be housed with another glider. Has he always be solo? Maybe since he is in a new situation he is still scared? I don't think it is mean to have him in the same room as the others. Some gliders get complete satisfaction from just being around or close to other gliders, they can talk to each other etc. but they just don't want a roomate Sad Of course I do want to state that I have not had a situation like this before and the info I gave you is what I have read on other forums.

I would keep trying for a bit, but maybe he is a solo guy. The solo guys usually become the mama's boys Smile
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Help - aggressive male!
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