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 FlyingMarsupial has free shipping!

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PostSubject: FlyingMarsupial has free shipping!   Sat Oct 24, 2009 5:41 pm

...and we're BACK!

Free shipping is still going on, but as you'll see on my products page (that still needs work because my stupid tables aren't working right... gr) my prices have been raised on a few products (only by $1! Not that bad!). That's because I've made changes to all of my normal sized Mr. Munchies line.

There is now an extra row on the bottom of Mr. Munchie (along with his friends. XL's and hobbit hills not included) for added comfort, room and safety. I'm confident that all of the 1st generation Mr. Munchies are safe, but the bottom on the 2nd generation is now stronger and will hold up better.

So, now that I'm back, the ideas will start flowing again! There will be a 4-day period where I close again in November, but other than that, I'm back!

Shocked http://www.flyingmarsupial.com/products.html Shocked
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FlyingMarsupial has free shipping!
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