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 2 new rescues - in bad shape!! :(

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PostSubject: 2 new rescues - in bad shape!! :(   Wed Oct 14, 2009 8:01 pm

So I was in touch with this girl and found out she had 2 sugar gliders she was looking for a home for she thought they were two girls - she said she got them accidently somehow and didn't know how to properly care for them - ect. So I decided I would expand our happy little home - after all what are two more tiny little gliders right? - lol - So anyways I go to meet her to pick them up - she asked for $180 for the two of them - when I saw them I almost started bawling on the spot - both looked orangey - so that indicated a bad diet - both had fur loss on the tail and both were scared out of thier minds - the poor little things!! - On closer inspection when I got home (didnt reallly inspect them on the spot there - it was really cold out today and just wanted to get them home - had a 3 hour drive to get there) I realized it was a male/female pair - the male is missing a thumbnail so he must have had an accident and the females tail is completely bald - I have them in quarantine right now in my bedroom so I can keep a close eye on them and so they can get accustomed to me a bit faster hopefully - or at least my snoring- ha ha - I have never gotten a glider in such bad shape before - of course my plans include a vet visit very soon and a diet change (the girl said she had just been feeding them an orange every day!!! eep!!) But I am of course up for any other suggestions and input from anyone who has ever done a rescue before - should I take them to the vet like tomorrow? or let them settle in a day or two first? I am a bit scared that all the stress of being moved around so much is going to affect them very negatively - (the girl said she only had them for a week - I believe she said she got them from an auction?? I didnt fully understand the whole story I guess) I am a very worried mommy! Here are some pictures of them - we will call them the BEFORE pictures - I have named them Boober and Red - in following the tradition of using Fraggle Rock names for my gliders
here is Boober

and here is poor Red - with a bare tail

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PostSubject: Re: 2 new rescues - in bad shape!! :(   Thu Oct 15, 2009 9:22 am

That is so sad. Her tail looks pathetic. i hope these guys turn around soon.
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2 new rescues - in bad shape!! :(
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