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 Did you guys know?

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PostSubject: Did you guys know?   Fri Oct 09, 2009 6:07 am

I heard that on sugarglider.com (aka glider gossip) they discontinued thier classified section for glider products? I think that is a pity - I know myself I really enjoy seeing what all the other members of this forum have made and have available for sale - I have even bought from and traded with other members - even though I could just make stuff for myself

I am so glad the classified section on here has grown so much - at the very beginning there was only one or two posts in this section for the longest time - I guess now everyone has gotten over thier shyness and is willing to show off thier stuff!! lol

speaking of showing off - lol I dont think I have put the link to our ebay store on this site yet although it may actually be in my signature - oh well
here it is anyways for anyone curious - I have come up with a few more new toys now - pretty exciting - started out with just one kind now I've got like 6 or so!
Yippee - more toys for the babies!

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Did you guys know?
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