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 Testing Calcium Levels

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PostSubject: Testing Calcium Levels   Fri Oct 02, 2009 8:17 pm

found out from our vet that blood work by itself isn't a good indicator of how well a glider's been eating. An x-ray is imprtant too. Like, if a glider's not eating enough clacium, then the body'll leach what it needs out of the bones. still,... the blood work comes back good.

The blood work only starts coming back as No bad after there's not enough left in the bones to leech from. But an x-ray will show if the finger bones and such are thinning. I think he called it early hlp.

ok,ok, my glider was walking funny (just a slight dragging of the right hind leg and a faliure to cling), so we took him in for a checkup. the x-ray shows Marcell's loosing bone density. Sad I'm reaaly concerned for the little guy.

back on a positive note, we have a new way of feeding him. puree (so he can't pick and choose as much)

hmmm, tasty!

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Testing Calcium Levels
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