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 new diet Im going to try

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PostSubject: new diet Im going to try   Wed Sep 23, 2009 6:38 pm

so a glider friend of mine told me about this alternative diet that I had never heard of called the balanced diet - apparently its kind of a mix of the BML and the HPW and the levels of calcium and phosphorus seem pretty good from what I read - have any of you ever tried it or know of anyone who uses it?

here is a link with information about it

So I think I have decided to try it out and see how well it goes over on my babies - I like that its fairly simple and that its frozen just like the BML and HPW diets are - its a bit more work than just plain HPW which is what I previously had my gliders on, but it seems like a good alternative to all that honey that is in the HPW - that always kind of concerned me - and the BML diet I have heard stinks ALOT - LOL and there were so many ingredients to the BML - I had to get some extra things at the grocery store to do this diet too but it didn't seem so overwhelming to me for some reason

anyways just thought I would put it out there - let me know what you think of it!


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new diet Im going to try
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