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 Sugar Gliders to good home MA / RI border

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PostSubject: Sugar Gliders to good home MA / RI border   Mon Sep 21, 2009 10:20 am

My husband and I need to sell our precious sugar gliders! Sad We are adamant to sell them ONLY to a GOOD home.

We have two sets:

2 brothers - Peanut & Mouse - about 6 years old, both neutered, raised from birth, healthy & plump! They come with a new cage 30x35x18. $250

brother & sister & friend - Diesel, Sugar Baby, & Taz - Diesel & Sugar have been raised from birth and are about 7 years old, Taz is a little older. All healthy & plump. Males are neutered. They come with a used bigger cage 30x55x18. $300

Cages come with nesting boxes, plastic food containers, & bedding. We are also going to give you their favorite food pellets and a list of habits, likes, dislikes, etc. We also have the name of their doctor in RI that specializes in sugar gliders and has cared for all of them since we got them!

Please contact me ASAP. We are moving soon and would like to sell them before the big move!

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Sugar Gliders to good home MA / RI border
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