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 Hello hello from O-HI-O!

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PostSubject: Hello hello from O-HI-O!   Wed Sep 16, 2009 1:03 pm

Hey everyone, I'm pretty well known on other boards, so I may or may not need an introduction. I'm the crazy woman that crochets fleece into funny faces for glider bedding. Smile I've had gliders since December of '06 and I've been like a sponge taking everything in and learning about them. I consider myself an expert in toys, bedding, housing, behavior and safety, so if you should ever find yourself in a pickle and need some advice, let me know! I'm always ready to help.

I've been involved with The Glider Initiative and a handful of rescues to try and enhance glider living. I have a strong bond with other glider people in my community and we hang out at least monthly.

I hope to learn and help you guys learn as well! Keep on glidin!
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Hello hello from O-HI-O!
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