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 I am looking forward to seeing more reports from it before.

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PostSubject: I am looking forward to seeing more reports from it before.   Wed Aug 03, 2011 4:55 am

Hello. Originally posted by Joshewah:Doesn't anyone just rip with DVDdecrypter and burn the MDF with IMGburn if they are going to make dual layer backups? Why take extra steps if you can rip and burn? I've been doing that method for dual layer rips/burns and they work just fine without using RI4M and Shrink.I suspect you mean MDS. If using FAT32 opening the MDS to burn is required because of split image files. With NTFS, many haven't encountered the need to use the older MDS recording convention. I suspect there are also those that forgot because I see this come up occasionally with 98 holdouts (a vanishing breed).I don't know how many times we have to stand on the roof and shout:DVD Decrypter is obsolete by itself for the newer copy protections. The PgcEdit Plugin with Decrypter and RipIt4Me gave DVD Decrypter a new lease on life. RipIt4Me is the easiest with the process being automatic. Also, when burning with DVD Decrypter, there is no speed control. Since higher burning speeds increase the possibility of burn errors, many of us like to slow the burn down to 8X or a little below. Speed control for the burn is another plus for ImgBurn. It's not as much an issue with DVD DL as with the R. I still don't like recording DL at 8X though.All I can say is you're lucky and probably not doing new releases from Disney, Sony, and Lionsgate. DVD Decrypter can't open many of those in ISO or File mode. If you can't open them, you sure can't decrypt and record.About the only thing I can agree with you on is Shrink isn't needed for recording DL. By all means continue with your method till you encounter one of those titles that won't work. Now you know what to do when you do.ImgBurn is the updated burning software from DVD Decrypter, by the same author. Using ImgBurn isn't as much an act of using different software to burn as updating the burning software. Plus we're not exactly replacing DVD Decrypter as our ripper when using RipIt4Me. We're adding a Macro system in order to help it get the job done with the newer and heavier copy protections. Don't think of it as replacing, just updating to keep up with the times. 28 Feb 2007 @ 19:12
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I am looking forward to seeing more reports from it before.
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