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 **Proven Breeders: Leucistic Male & WFB Female, 1 year OOP**

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PostSubject: **Proven Breeders: Leucistic Male & WFB Female, 1 year OOP**   Wed Feb 17, 2010 7:21 pm

Sadly, I have decided to sell my 1 & only breeding pair: a leucistic male, OOP September 2008 & a WFB female, OOP January 2009. They have already had 1 set of twins (WFB, 100% HET leucistic), OOP December 2009, 1 female & 1 male. I sold the female baby for $450 and I am keeping the male baby. The pair has been checked out by the vet last September, both completely healthy.

Honest reasons for selling: they can bark at night and wake me up (obviously, they're gliders!) But I live in a small apartment and they are keeping me up at night due to proximity. Please consider this when buying!

They are both very sweet, the mom likes to be held, but a bit hyper, so she will jump around. The dad likes to be pet and grabbed. Unique about them, neither of them crab, at all! Never have. They don't care at all if you reach into their pouch, not even a peep. They aren't bra babies because I never really had an interest in babying them, but they have no problem being touched/grabbed/pet, whatever.

I want to sell them both for $1000. I think that is extremely fair for a leucistic & WFB proven pair. The mom is barely 1 year and dad just over. I have full lineage for the leucistic, going back 5 generations. For the mom, I have 3 generations but a more full lineage is being compiled. I may consider separation if you have another glider to pair them with.

Let me know if you have any questions. I will only consider extremely loving homes to take my Pikachu & Flower!

email: mysugarloves@yahoo.com

Leucistic Male:

Beautiful WFB Female:

One of their precious babies at 9 weeks OOP:

Cute couple:

Proud Papa:

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**Proven Breeders: Leucistic Male & WFB Female, 1 year OOP**
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