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 2010 SGGA Back to Basics

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PostSubject: 2010 SGGA Back to Basics   Sun Jan 31, 2010 11:22 pm

The countdown clock is about to begin. The 2010 SGGA is just around the corner and as the hostess I wanted to give everyone an idea of what to look for.

Here in the next two weeks the official SGGA website will be finished and a link will be posted on all the sugar glider boards. I am excited to say there have been a lot of changes to the SGGA this year and I hope you all will be as excited as I am.

One major change this year is there will not be a raffle on Saturday nor will there be a room raffle. But that does not mean there will be fewer things to do; actually there are many new things planned.

Just because there will not be a ‘room raffle’ it doesn’t mean there won’t be a Friday night welcoming party. There will be a family friendly welcoming party for all registered members and their families to attend on Friday night. Like in past years your Friday night welcoming party will have friends, fun, snacks, games, prizes and even a bake off. The Friday night party has never been hosted, nor paid for by the SGGA, it will also not be this year, meaning it will not increase anyone’s registration fees. It will be privately hosted this year and without the need of a raffle.

This year instead of following the conference with a raffle, it will be immediately followed by vending instead. This year you will not have to wait in line Saturday evening to buy your sugar glider goodies. This year the vendors of our community will be highlighted like never before. So if you love to shop, start saving your pennies now and if you are a vendor, you better plan on bringing lots of goodies with you. There will be more information available for vendors once the SGGA website is completed.

So does no raffle mean no donations? I hope not. One of the best things about the raffle was getting to see all the new items offered, falling in love with a new vendor’s products and seeing how a little creativity and a lot of generosity could go a long way. In the past if you were lucky or had bought enough tickets you might have won. This year the SGGA’s dream is that the community as a whole will still donate items, but instead of donating to a raffle, these donations will be used for an all day long door prizes event, no longer do you need to buy tickets to enjoy all the above. Everyone will have an equal opportunity to receive a door prize. The goal is to get enough donations so that everyone or almost everyone can go home with a door prize and save their cash for vending.

So if vending is during the day and there is no raffle what is everyone going to do Saturday night? There are additional events planned for Saturday night. Some activities from past SGGA’s will be reused but they have been reinvented. There will also be a new activity that will primarily focus on all the great organizations that are an asset to our community. There will be more information given to these types of organizations once the SGGA website is complete.

There are still a few additional surprises in store for this years SGGA. But I can’t revel them all or they wouldn’t be a surprise. Due to so many changes, a change in registration has to be made before the SGGA website can be completed. Expect the SGGA website up in the next two weeks with your complete 2010 SGGA details.

I can’t believe the SGGA is so close, it seems like just yesterday I was at the 2009 SGGA. My goals for this SGGA is to see all of my old SGGA friends, meet a lot of new friends, get some new ideas on how to improve the lives of my sugar gliders, and overall just have a great weekend. Hope to see you all there.

Sherri, 2010 SGGA Hostess
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2010 SGGA Back to Basics
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