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 The Community Has Joined Hands…

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PostSubject: The Community Has Joined Hands…   Thu Dec 10, 2009 9:55 pm

The community has long desired to have a representative group of the online glider community working together for the benefit of sugar gliders everywhere. It has finally happened, and is a success! It is called the “Round Table”. The name was chosen for the same reasons King Arthur did, so no person is at the head of the table and everyone is equal. This project was to include forum owners/admins and glider organizations of the community so we can all discuss how each place can work together and bring the community closer. We hope that others will see that we can all work together so you may also choose to work together for the only reason we are here, the gliders!!

This group is proudly represented by GliderCentral, The Glider Initiative, The Mill Breeder Project, Laurie’s Glider Gazette, Sugar Glider Neighborhood, All4Gliders, USGN, SESG, and SPIN. Representatives of each of these groups have joined forces and are working together to make this a reality!

We are proud to announce our first project – a centralized go-to sugar glider resource center for everyone - in the glider community and out! For quite some time there has been a need for a stand alone site with quality information on the internet; a centralized go-to place for anyone looking for Veterinarians, Breeders, Vendors, Educational Groups, Forums, Rescues etc. So many times we see people trying to find this information. Finally, there is a one-stop site to find all of this information! This is a constant work in progress as information will be added and updated as it is obtained.

So, without further ado, we have pooled our resources and proudly announce

Your Online Sugar Glider Resource Center

We would like to thank each organization that has participated in this effort, and especially for coming together to accomplish such as task!
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The Community Has Joined Hands…
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